You can lengthen the life of your Sol Board with a minimum amount of care and maintenance.  Please follow these instructions for maximum benefits.

Please clean your Sol Board by hand washing with warm, soapy water.  Always use a clean or dedicated sponge to avoid cross contamination of bacteria.  A durable paper towel works as well.  Dry your cutting board with a clean towel or paper towel, then stand upright to allow evaporation of excess moisture.

If you desire a deeper clean, wipe down your board with a solution of one part vinegar to five parts water and allow to air dry.

Sol Boards are NOT dishwasher safe.  Please NEVER submerge your Sol Board in water.  The wood can easily swell and split, causing gaps for bacteria to hide.  It can also cause warping of the wood which may create an uneven cutting surface and potential safety hazard.

The longevity of your Sol Board is dependent on your care and use. Please re-season your board frequently with pure mineral oil (located at any drug store, typically where the laxatives are found).  After following the cleaning and/or sanitizing steps, simply apply a dollop of oil, spread around with a clean cloth or paper towel, and allow the wood to absorb the oil overnight.  If dry patches are still prominent, apply another coat.  Wipe away any excess.

It’s time to re-season when:

Your board is noticeably dryer and/or

The colors are losing their vibrancy

Please note:  We have several customers who do not use their Sol Board for cutting on; they enjoy displaying it, like a piece of artwork, or using it as a serving tray for cheeses, breads, etc.  If this is your intention, please inspect it every so often.  The humidity and heat in your home can be just as detrimental as water and are capable of drying out the wood as well.

Good Practice:
We recommend using a dedicated cutting board for raw meat preparation and a separate one for vegetable/bread preparation.  This will lower the risk of the spreading and cross contamination of food born bacteria.

This maintenance we are recommending, not only keeps moisture IN your Sol Board, but aids in keeping bacteria OUT.  Both of which will keep your board around for years to come.